To Have & To Hoax is LIVE!

Surprise! I’ve done a rom-com collab with an aussie author, Sarah Willows… To Have & To Hoax.

This new series is all about the hot, cheeky billionaires… down under 😉

Hope you love Logan as much as we do!

xoxo Sienna

To Have & To Hoax

“Amazing!! Hot!! Must read!! …I have a huge book hangover”

This sassy romance duo have teamed up to bring you a sexy, fun and hilarious new series. You’ll love these hot-as-sin Billionaires…Down Under 😉

Logan Skye.
Drop-dead gorgeous and knows it, shameless playboy and confirmed bachelor, heir to a luxury hotel empire.
He has everything a man could want: fast cars, faster women, more money than God.
It’s all about to be taken away from him thanks to a pesky little clause in his late father’s will.

That is…unless he gets married.

I’m Talia Rose, heir to a stack of debts and broken dreams, hiding from my past in the land down under. I am everything except a doting fiancée: Feisty. Stubborn. And determined to hate all men.
Including Logan.

Especially Logan.

Imagine my surprise when Logan makes me the proposal of the century.

All we have to do is to fake a whirlwind courtship, fool everyone that we’re desperately in love and get married in less than thirty days. Never mind he’s the most arrogant, annoying asshole I’ve ever met. I just have to ignore the electric, hateful, lusty sparks that fly when we’re together and focus on the big fat payday that will solve all my problems. I just have to NOT fall in love.

Piece of (wedding) cake. Right?

If you’re not into smirky, cheeky billionaires and the sassy, independent gal he can’t help falling for, don’t read this book.

If you’re not into flamboyantly fabulous bosses, outrageous won’t-take-no-for-an-answer sisters and a butler with more back-chat than shock jock radio, you definitely shouldn’t read this book.

We warned you.

“…going on my “will read again” shelf”

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Except of To Have & To Hoax


“Favorite sex position?”

Talia glared at me. “Next.”

I raised my hands in the air, the picture of innocence. “What? It’s important for me to know.”

“We’re never ever having sex, so you can just forget about it. Next.”

“Hang on a minute. If we’re engaged and living together, people are going to assume we are having sex.”

Talia crossed her arms over her chest, assumedly to guard herself. All that did was to press her breasts deliciously together so much that I almost forgot what I was even asking her. That is, until she snapped, “So?”

“Seeing as we’re engaged, snugglebum, it seems an entirely appropriate thing to know. So…favorite sex position?”

She spluttered. “I-I don’t know.”

I grinned at her obvious discomfort. “Well, let’s see…there’s the classics…missionary, obviously. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or my personal favorite…doggy.”

Her mouth popped open as her cheeks colored deliciously.

“Scissors, sideways, seashell…” I continued, counting them on my fingers.

Her eyes bulged.

“Or the more exotic ones like corkscrew, the pretzel dip, the magic mou—”

“Alright, stop already!”

I hid my grin behind my glass. “So which one is your favorite, my love?”

Talia fussed with the tassel on a cushion that was suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.

“To be honest,” she started slowly, “I never really enjoyed sex that much.”

I almost spat out my whiskey. “What?” I cried out, slamming my glass down.

Talia winced.

I shook my head. “No, no. I must have drunk too much. For a moment I thought I heard you say that you didn’t really like sex that much.” I let out an awkward laugh.

Talia shrugged, although she still wouldn’t meet my eye. “I don’t. Really.”

I leapt to my feet as a string of cuss words left my mouth. “Unbelievable. I am horrified at how unaccomplished the men were who came before me.”



“There’s only been one. Before, I mean.”

My eyes bugged out of my head. A beautiful woman like Talia? Only one insufficient partner? She was so innocent, so ripe, so ready to be shown all the wonders that two consenting human bodies could do with each other. And I wanted to show her.

I recovered from my shock quickly. “Well, he should be hung in the town square and flogged.”

Talia raised an eyebrow. “Flogged? Really, Logan?”

“You’re quite right. A mere flogging is too good for him. Drawn and quartered and his innards fed to the birds.”

“Melodramatic much?”

“No, darling,” I slammed my hands down on the arms of her armchair. “You only say that because you have no idea what was stolen from you.”

Talia pressed herself into her seat, her eyes wide on mine. “Stolen?”

“Ripped from your very bosom. The sexual experience, the meeting of two earthly bodies in such a glorious, transcendent, magical way…”


My nostrils flared with rage. “I bet he didn’t even bother with foreplay.”

Talia shuffled in her seat. That was answer enough.

“As I thought. I bet he didn’t last more than two minutes.”

Talia’s lips pursed. “One and a half, if he was lucky.”

“Absolutely atrocious!” I took a deep breath to calm myself. I sank to my knees in front of her, forcing her to part her knees to let me between them, until we were eye to eye.

Talia laughed nervously. “What are you—?”

 “If I were him, I’d have stripped you down slowly, carefully, as if I were unwrapping the most precious gift, reveling in each smooth inch of soft skin I’d revealed…”

My voice had lowered to a mere whisper. She leaned in as if she was trying to hear me better.

“If I were him, I’d have run my fingers over your entire body, chasing my hands with my lips… and my tongue…”

Her breathing was growing heavy. Just like mine.

“I’d kiss you and lick you and suck each aching piece of you until you begged…”

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My Secret Irish Baby is LIVE!

Happy Release to My Secret Irish Baby (Irish Kiss #7).

You guys, Michael O Sullivan’s story is here!

And it’s the last book in the Irish Kiss series. So bittersweet!

You met this stern workaholic in the previous Irish Kiss novels. I can’t wait for you to really get to know him AND meet his match…

Hope you love him & her!

Stay safe.

xoxo Sienna

My Secret Irish Baby

A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance

“Loved reading the sensational and spectacular romance story by the phenomenal author, Sienna Blake”

Fate gave them this second chance. Are they brave enough to take it?

Nine years ago, I met Michael O’Sullivan over a stolen bottle of red and a platter of bacon-wrapped dates.

Handsome. Perfectly poised. Fiercely intelligent.
Fastest rising star of the Dublin legal world.
Top thirty most successful under thirty.

But none of that mattered to me—only that he made me feel like my heart was full of sunshine when he danced with me in the rain.

Nine years ago, he broke my heart when he walked away.

Now I don’t have time to dance in the rain. I’m working several jobs to support my kid. She is the light of my life. She looks like me but with his eyes.

I’ve just been assigned to assist a visiting hotshot lawyer—the arrogant, bossy, rude ass who can’t even be bothered to sign his emails with his full name.

Guess who my new boss is?

I just have to get through the next few weeks without Michael finding out my secret. Or letting him break my heart again.

Not easy when he’s determined not to let me go again.

“…every book has blown my mind a little more”

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My Brother’s Girl is LIVE!

Happy Release to My Brother’s Girl (Irish Kiss #5).

Guys, I hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. My heart goes out to everyone being affected.
Some of you already know I was travelling when the coronavirus crisis hit & I’m unable to return home to Ireland right now. Thankfully my friends and family are healthy, I have stable accommodation and my laptop so my writing cave is my happy place. Gotta focus on the positives to stay sane right now.

If you’re in isolation and looking for an escape, get lost in this forbidden romance with a happily ever after. Darren O’Sullivan just might be my most angsty hero since Diarmuid from Irish Kiss.

Part of the profits of My Brother’s Girl will be going to a COVID-19 relief fund sponsored and organized by
(Read more here

I’ll be donating USD50¢ per sale and USD50¢ per 1000 Kindle Unlimited page reads for My Brother’s Girl for the month of April.

Stay safe. We will get through this together,

xoxo Sienna

My Brother’s Girl

A Contemporary Forbidden Romance

“Wow, what an incredible story you wove! …I just couldn’t stop reading”

Darren O’Sullivan

Reason #3 To Dislike Kayleigh Scott: she laughed far too loud.

Reason #2 To Really Dislike Kayleigh Scott: her giggle was even worse.

I didn’t need her working for me, her damn strawberries and cream shampoo cutting through the smell of petrol oil in my mechanic garage. I liked being on my own in the darkness under the hood. I deserved to be alone.

I didn’t need her fingers brushing mine as she passed me the wrench. Didn’t need her trying to change things, fix things, to fix me.

I didn’t want her around my family, enchanting them with her dimpled smile, her infectious laughter. Didn’t need them to fall in love with her… especially not my baby brother, Eoin.

Reason #1 To Really, Really Dislike Kayleigh Scott:

She wasn’t mine.

“I absolutely love Sienna Blake”

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The Cassidy Brothers is LIVE!!!

Happy Release to The Cassidy Brothers!
I can’t wait for you to meet Aogán, Tristan & Donncha, three sexy Irish brothers. Each so sexy, so protective, so gorgeous in their individual ways.

Hope you love them as much as I do!

xoxo Sienna

The Cassidy Brothers

A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

“…hot steamy chemistry sizzling between them all”

My foster father is a very bad man. I’m carrying a secret of his that could get me killed. So I head to the last place that ever felt like safety…

The childhood home of the Cassidy brothers.

Aogán, Tristan & Donncha were as much of my childhood as choc chip cookies and hopskotch. We used to roam like wildlings around their large country estate. I haven’t seen them since the accident that made me an orphan three years ago.

Boy, have they grown up. Tall, dark haired and eyes like the Galway Sea, with shoulders broad enough to keep me safe. Just like when we were kids, they shelter me. Care for me… Love me.

But how will they feel when they find out I’m in love with all of them? How will they deal with the terrible secret I’m carrying?

This is a sexy full-length reverse-harem contemporary romance with a HEA. Don’t read this novel if you can’t handle three Irish hotties fighting for their woman, fierce brotherly competition, and each laying claim to their woman in their own way.

“Don’t miss out on this great read”

“I didn’t want it to end”

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Fighter’s Kiss is LIVE!

Happy Release to Fighter’s Kiss!
Declan’s story has been a long time coming and I can’t wait for you to meet this beautiful broken Irish fighter!!!

Hope you love him as much as I do!

xoxo Sienna

Fighter’s Kiss

An Enemies-to-Lovers MMA Romance

“Fighter’s Kiss shattered my heart into a million tiny pieces”

Declan “The Homewrecker” Gallagher.
World #1 MMA Champion.
Broad shoulders, perfect eight pack and the temper of a bull.
Still recovering from a car accident that broke his body.
Still married to the cheating supermodel bitch who broke his heart.

…My new boss

I can’t even begin to list all the reasons why getting close to him is a bad idea.
Or going to that fancy red carpet thing as his date.
Or letting him kiss me like he might never let me go.

Did I say bad idea?
Scratch that.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

“wonderfully written, captivating characters and riveting story… a must read romance”


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With Fighter’s Kiss (Irish Kiss #3) releasing next week, Irish Kiss is a 99c/99p countdown deal (in US and UK only, sorry)!

Thank you and enjoy!

xoxo Sienna

“…Sienna’s best work yet. I LOVED the premise, the heart ripping angst, fat tears of grief and ultimately sobs of relief, all found in the pages of this immortal love story” ~ Book Bistro Blog

Amazon.US | Amazon.UK

Irish Kiss

A Second-Chance Friends-to-Lovers Romance

“If you loved All The Ugly & Wonderful Things…”


She’s my best friend. But she’s all kinds of wrong.
Daughter of Ireland’s most notorious drug dealer.
Thirteen years younger than me.
And barely legal.

I’m so screwed.

Cause I’m so f**king in love with her.


Amazon.US | Amazon.UK

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Happy Release to The Irish Lottery!

Happy Release to The Irish Lottery!
I can’t wait for you to meet these four sexy Irish brothers!!!

Hope you enjoy them! 😉

xoxo Sienna

The Irish Lottery

A Contemporary Friends-to-Lovers Romance

“Such a great book and an incredible message! ” ~ Amy Loves Reading Book Blog

The Irish Lottery: Four hot Irish brothers ready to play out your ultimate fantasy…

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our ma is sick and this lottery is the only way to raise that much money quickly.

But when my best friend in the whole world, the girl I’ve secretly loved for years, turns up as the winner I cannot believe it.

When I read the secret fantasy she’s submitted I almost choke.

She just wants us to give her what she’s never had…

…an O.

This could be the very thing I need to convince her that we should be more than friends. I could give her what she wants—the sexiest night of her life…and more.

I just hope she’s happy when she finds out who’s behind the mask.

The Irish Lottery is a standalone friends-to-lovers contemporary romance. 

“…flipping fantastic!!! Such a beautiful story about family, friendship and love” ~ Early GR Reviewer

Get your hands full of these Irish men
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Excerpt of The Irish Lottery

“I have an idea on how to raise the money for ma’s surgery.”

My three brothers blinked back at me from their various places around my living room. I’d called an emergency O’Sullivan brothers meeting and they’d all come in a flash.

I was the eldest. Michael was next, only a year younger. He and I look most like our da, with sandy-blond hair and strong square jaws, aquiline noses and high foreheads. My eyes were blue like our ma’s, while his were green. I kept my hair longer and as my ma always says, “unruly,” while Michael’s was cropped short and always styled. Michael ended up as legal counsel to some of Ireland’s richest men. Which was why he was sitting in my living room in a tailored pinstripe suit, having just left work.

Darren was next at twenty-three, two years younger than Michael. He’d always been the strong, silent type and good with his hands. He was still in his work overalls, a smudge of oil on his cheek, having come straight from his garage that specialized in motorbike repairs.

Eoin was the youngest. He and Darren looked like our ma and had her dark hair and thick lashes, except their eyes were green like da’s. He was lounging in one of my armchairs in his rugby sweats, blades of grass in his damp hair, so I knew he’d just come from practice. Eoin might only be twenty-one but he was a rising star in Irish rugby. He was getting a reputation off the field, too.

We were all so different in personality but we came together when it counted. I knew each one of these men had my back. I just hoped they’d agree with what I was about to propose…

“I’m going to sell tickets to a lottery,” I announced.

I was met with blank stares.

I barreled on before anyone could interrupt, outlining my plan. The blank looks turned to frowns.

“Hang on. Tickets to what now?” Michael spoke first.

“To win a night with me,” I said. “To do whatever they want.”

“You mean…sexually?” Michael asked, his voice going higher than usual.

Darren let out a snort. “No, he’s going to play bridge with them. Of course, sexually, dipshite.”

Michael shot Darren a glare.

Darren just shrugged. Nothing rarely phased his cool façade.

“You’re going to whore yourself out?” Eoin asked, his wide jade eyes on me.

“Well, jeez,” I said, rubbing the back of my neck, “when you put it that way…”

“That,” Eoin interrupted, “is fucking deadly. Getting paid to ride a hot rich chick…” He gyrated his hips.

I rolled my eyes. Trust Eoin to turn this into a joke. I grabbed one of the open bags of Tayto crisps so I could throw something at him.

Michael let out a snort. “It’d be more like some wrinkly old prune with cobwebs across her vag—”

I threw the cheese and onion crisp at Michael’s head instead.

He tried to catch it in his mouth and missed.

“So what if she’s old?” I said. “If I raise the money ma needs for this surgery…”

“Oh, shite,” Eoin said, his eyes widening as if he just thought of something. “What the feck is ma going to say?”

“I won’t tell her.” I hated keeping where the money came from a secret. But it was better this way. Who cared about a little white lie if it kept her alive?


“I’ll wear a mask on the promo shots and make the winner sign an NDA.”

“An NDA?” Eoin asked.

“A non-disclosure agreement, doofus. Even I know that,” Darren said.

Eoin punched Darren in the arm, which kick-started a punch-off between them.

“You think you can sell enough tickets?” Michael asked me. He had a serious look on his face.

Out of the three of us, I figured he’d be the hardest to get on board with the plan. Even if he did get past the…controversial and extreme nature of the idea.

“I think so. I ran the numbers. If I sell each ticket for five euros, I’d only need to sell 50,000 to make enough to cover the operation.”

Michael’s eyes bulged out of his head. “Fifty thousand tickets? Where the fuck are you going to find fifty thousand women who are desperate enough to fork out five euros for a mere chance at winning you? I mean, yeah, you pull the chicks alright, or at least you did when you hadn’t been dick-dazed by Aubrey yet—”

“Hey!” I protested.

“—but fifty thousand tickets?” Michael continued. “Shite on.”

My shoulders fell, my idea souring before my eyes. Maybe this was a stupid idea. Maybe I was an idiot to think I could sell fifty thousand tickets to this fantasy lottery.

“What if we all do it?” Darren said.

We all turned to look at him.

“What?” I asked.

“If one O’Sullivan brother is tempting enough,” Darren said slowly, “surely four O’Sullivan brothers will send ticket sales through the roof.”

The rest of us O’Sullivan boys stared at Darren. Then at each other.

All four brothers.

One woman…

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