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Out Now… My Brother’s Girl

Darren O’Sullivan

Reason #3 To Dislike Kayleigh Scott: she laughed far too loud.

Reason #2 To Really Dislike Kayleigh Scott: her giggle was even worse.

I didn’t need her working for me, her damn strawberries and cream shampoo cutting through the smell of petrol oil in my mechanic garage. I liked being on my own in the darkness under the hood. I deserved to be alone.

I didn’t need her fingers brushing mine as she passed me the wrench. Didn’t need her trying to change things, fix things, to fix me.

I didn’t want her around my family, enchanting them with her dimpled smile, her infectious laughter. Didn’t need them to fall in love with her… especially not my baby brother, Eoin.

Reason #1 To Really, Really Dislike Kayleigh Scott:

…she wasn’t mine.

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Irish Kiss

A sexy Irishman falls for his barely legal ward…

Professor’s Kiss

Her high school bully is now her professor…

Fighter’s Kiss

Can she heal this broken Irish fighter?

The Cassidy Brothers

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The Irish Lottery

Four hot Irish brothers ready to play out your ultimate fantasy…

Royally Screwed

Prince Grayson won’t give her what she wants unless his two bodyguards join in…

My Irish Kings

They will protect her…at all costs.

Three Irish Brothers

Can Savannah handle all three Irish brothers… All at once?

Beautiful Revenge

Revenge never looked so sexy…

Mr. Blackwell’s Bride

Can beauty tame this beastly billionaire CEO?

Love Sprung From Hate (Dark Romeo #1)

He is the Mafia prince. She is the police chief’s daughter. It was only supposed to be one night.

The Scent of Roses (Dark Romeo #2)

The game becomes more deadly as the lies get bigger.

Hanging in the Stars (Dark Romeo #3)

Can Roman and Julianna find a way to be together or will Shakespeare’s curse befall our star-crossed lovers?

Bound by Lies (Bound #1)

He has rules. I have secrets. They will destroy us.

Bound Forever (Bound #2)

The stunning conclusion to Bound by Lies…

Paper Dolls

My name is Aria. Today, I must choose. One of the two people I love has to die.

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Sienna Blake is a dirty girl, a wordspinner of smexy love stories and an Amazon Top 20 & USA Today Bestselling Author.

She lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she enjoys reading, keeping fit and adding to her personal harem of Irish hotties 😉