Riding His Longboard is LIVE!!

This sassy romance duo has teamed up to bring you a sexy, fun and hilarious series focused on Australian surfers and lifeguards. Prepare to get Wet…Down Under 😉

Joel “Longboard” Slater.
Internationally renowned pro-surfer.
Cocky. Talented. Heartbreaker.
And no, they don’t just call him “longboard” because that’s what he surfs.

Ladies and gentlemen…meet Sydney’s sexiest baby daddy. And my latest assignment.

Too bad he won’t give any interviews. None. Nada. Zip.

But when I get mistaken for his new nanny, it’s a chance to uncover the playboy’s big secret. Starting with…who (and where) the hell is the baby mama?

I’ll just have to pretend Joel isn’t the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in and out of the water—tanned muscular body, long hair bleached golden by the sun, and totally kissable, cocky-AF smirk that melts panties like ice-cream in summer.

I just have to ignore the way my heart clenches at the sight of baby Jackson laying on his bare firm chest—dear God, does this man even own a shirt?

I have to mute my ears to his sexy Australian accent that coos softly to his son one minute and whispers the dirtiest, filthiest promises into my ear the next.

Too bad he sees my cool, professional exterior as the ultimate challenge. Too bad he’s not stopping until he gets what he wants…

Me riding his, ahem… longboard.

If you’re not into naughty, half-naked surfers and the smart, independent lady he can’t help falling for, don’t read this book.

If you’re not into dirty surf puns, cute babies laying on bare man-chest and more poop jokes than a Farrelly brothers movie, you definitely shouldn’t read this book.

For real.