The Paw-fect Mix-up is LIVE!

My next rom-com collab with Sarah Willows is LIVE!!!
Grab The Paw-fect Mix-up now for a hilarious and sexy escape.
You’ll love this hot, bossy surfer billionaire… down under 😉
xoxo Sienna

The Paw-fect Mix-up


This sassy romance duo have teamed up to bring you a sexy, fun and hilarious new series. You’ll love these hot-as-sin Billionaires…Down Under 😉

Rhys Carmichael.
Smug billionaire a$$hole.
Tanned six-pack under that Armani suit.
Sexy Australian accent to boot.
And my mortal enemy.

I’m pretty sure he’s the reason I’m stuck dog sitting for rich people.

No matter. I’m a resourceful gal. I just have to be the best dog sitter Sydney’s well-to-do have ever seen and I can get back on my feet. Besides, getting to stay in this beachside mansion for two weeks isn’t so bad, right?

Just my luck, the dog I’m looking after ends up in the neighbor’s yard and I’m faced with his handsome mutt…Rhys, I mean. Not the pooch.

When Rhys mistakes me for his new uber-successful neighbor, there’s no way I’m rolling over and telling his smug ass the truth.

Especially when it’s clear he’s playing for keeps. And playing ruff!

I just have to put on the dog and pretend to be someone I’m not.

And ignore the way Rhys looks as he strides out of the surf—water dripping off his tanned muscular body. Or how his impossible bossiness seems to get me all hot and bothered.

And above all, avoid getting caught out…doggy style!

If you’re not into grumpy, bossy billionaires and the feisty, independent gal he can’t help falling for, don’t read this book.

Just sayin.

If you’re not into ridiculous what-have-I-gotten-myself-into scenarios, maids well-versed in blackmail and a tiny fluffy pooch that won’t quit eating (or humping) everything in sight, you definitely shouldn’t read this book.

“I was roaring with laughter, swooning and of course a little over heated…”

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