To Have & To Hoax is LIVE!

Surprise! I’ve done a rom-com collab with an aussie author, Sarah Willows… To Have & To Hoax.

This new series is all about the hot, cheeky billionaires… down under 😉

Hope you love Logan as much as we do!

xoxo Sienna

To Have & To Hoax

“Amazing!! Hot!! Must read!! …I have a huge book hangover”

This sassy romance duo have teamed up to bring you a sexy, fun and hilarious new series. You’ll love these hot-as-sin Billionaires…Down Under 😉

Logan Skye.
Drop-dead gorgeous and knows it, shameless playboy and confirmed bachelor, heir to a luxury hotel empire.
He has everything a man could want: fast cars, faster women, more money than God.
It’s all about to be taken away from him thanks to a pesky little clause in his late father’s will.

That is…unless he gets married.

I’m Talia Rose, heir to a stack of debts and broken dreams, hiding from my past in the land down under. I am everything except a doting fiancée: Feisty. Stubborn. And determined to hate all men.
Including Logan.

Especially Logan.

Imagine my surprise when Logan makes me the proposal of the century.

All we have to do is to fake a whirlwind courtship, fool everyone that we’re desperately in love and get married in less than thirty days. Never mind he’s the most arrogant, annoying asshole I’ve ever met. I just have to ignore the electric, hateful, lusty sparks that fly when we’re together and focus on the big fat payday that will solve all my problems. I just have to NOT fall in love.

Piece of (wedding) cake. Right?

If you’re not into smirky, cheeky billionaires and the sassy, independent gal he can’t help falling for, don’t read this book.

If you’re not into flamboyantly fabulous bosses, outrageous won’t-take-no-for-an-answer sisters and a butler with more back-chat than shock jock radio, you definitely shouldn’t read this book.

We warned you.

“…going on my “will read again” shelf”

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Except of To Have & To Hoax


“Favorite sex position?”

Talia glared at me. “Next.”

I raised my hands in the air, the picture of innocence. “What? It’s important for me to know.”

“We’re never ever having sex, so you can just forget about it. Next.”

“Hang on a minute. If we’re engaged and living together, people are going to assume we are having sex.”

Talia crossed her arms over her chest, assumedly to guard herself. All that did was to press her breasts deliciously together so much that I almost forgot what I was even asking her. That is, until she snapped, “So?”

“Seeing as we’re engaged, snugglebum, it seems an entirely appropriate thing to know. So…favorite sex position?”

She spluttered. “I-I don’t know.”

I grinned at her obvious discomfort. “Well, let’s see…there’s the classics…missionary, obviously. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or my personal favorite…doggy.”

Her mouth popped open as her cheeks colored deliciously.

“Scissors, sideways, seashell…” I continued, counting them on my fingers.

Her eyes bulged.

“Or the more exotic ones like corkscrew, the pretzel dip, the magic mou—”

“Alright, stop already!”

I hid my grin behind my glass. “So which one is your favorite, my love?”

Talia fussed with the tassel on a cushion that was suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.

“To be honest,” she started slowly, “I never really enjoyed sex that much.”

I almost spat out my whiskey. “What?” I cried out, slamming my glass down.

Talia winced.

I shook my head. “No, no. I must have drunk too much. For a moment I thought I heard you say that you didn’t really like sex that much.” I let out an awkward laugh.

Talia shrugged, although she still wouldn’t meet my eye. “I don’t. Really.”

I leapt to my feet as a string of cuss words left my mouth. “Unbelievable. I am horrified at how unaccomplished the men were who came before me.”



“There’s only been one. Before, I mean.”

My eyes bugged out of my head. A beautiful woman like Talia? Only one insufficient partner? She was so innocent, so ripe, so ready to be shown all the wonders that two consenting human bodies could do with each other. And I wanted to show her.

I recovered from my shock quickly. “Well, he should be hung in the town square and flogged.”

Talia raised an eyebrow. “Flogged? Really, Logan?”

“You’re quite right. A mere flogging is too good for him. Drawn and quartered and his innards fed to the birds.”

“Melodramatic much?”

“No, darling,” I slammed my hands down on the arms of her armchair. “You only say that because you have no idea what was stolen from you.”

Talia pressed herself into her seat, her eyes wide on mine. “Stolen?”

“Ripped from your very bosom. The sexual experience, the meeting of two earthly bodies in such a glorious, transcendent, magical way…”


My nostrils flared with rage. “I bet he didn’t even bother with foreplay.”

Talia shuffled in her seat. That was answer enough.

“As I thought. I bet he didn’t last more than two minutes.”

Talia’s lips pursed. “One and a half, if he was lucky.”

“Absolutely atrocious!” I took a deep breath to calm myself. I sank to my knees in front of her, forcing her to part her knees to let me between them, until we were eye to eye.

Talia laughed nervously. “What are you—?”

 “If I were him, I’d have stripped you down slowly, carefully, as if I were unwrapping the most precious gift, reveling in each smooth inch of soft skin I’d revealed…”

My voice had lowered to a mere whisper. She leaned in as if she was trying to hear me better.

“If I were him, I’d have run my fingers over your entire body, chasing my hands with my lips… and my tongue…”

Her breathing was growing heavy. Just like mine.

“I’d kiss you and lick you and suck each aching piece of you until you begged…”

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