Get the entire Dark Romeo trilogy for 99c!

Get the complete Dark Romeo trilogy for only 99c*!

*Limited time only

The complete Dark Romeo trilogy box set releases today! Have you read this red-hot Romeo & Juliet retelling with a mafia twist?

“This is a story that you will never forget.”

Shakespeare never looked so dirty.

Cold. Ruthless. Killer.

That’s my birthright. The only thing meant for me.

Until her.

Because when she gazed up at me, her honeyed hair spread across the pillow, her soft body naked and open, she made me feel like I could be different. She gave me a reason to be different.

Imagine my shock when I’m dragged into an interrogation room, their prime suspect, and she walks in…

Detective Julianna Capulet.

I am so fucked.

Because I still want her. I want her like an addict craves his drug. I need her like a sinner needs his absolution.

And I will have her.

Even if it kills us both…

And so begins a deadly game of cat and mouse, of blood and lust, of love and duty, and of an attraction so fierce the consequences are inevitable.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a sexy retelling with a HEA!

Get this entire trilogy for USD99c!
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PS. Sneak peek at what’s coming 5 Feb!

Irish Kiss ~ out 5 Feb

I wanted him since the day I met him. Long haired, tattooed and tall as an Irish giant. He was more than just handsome, he was drop dead gorgeous. And the only one who ever truly cared. It didn’t matter to him that my father was a criminal and my mother a whore. He saw me, understood me.

I could be anything I wanted, he said.
Except his.
Because I was too young and he was my Juvenile Liaison Officer.

It’s been years since I last saw her. No longer a girl, she has a body of a woman. When our eyes met again, I saw the only one who ever broke through my asshole mask. She never judged me. She saw me, accepted me.

She could be anything she wanted.
Except mine.
Cause she’s only seventeen and I’m trying my hardest not to fall for her.

If I give in, she will ruin me.

*This is a slow-burn, angsty love story spanning across a seven-year time period with sexual situations and drug-use involving characters under the age of eighteen.
Irish Kiss is a complete standalone novel with a Happily Ever After, but damn, it is going to hurt along the way.

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